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School-Based Program


Eastside’s School-Based Program is committed to providing quality, professional, and consistent therapeutic services to schools, while removing barriers for students and families by placing therapists inside of the school. School-based services are billed through OHP and cash pay at this time. Our clinicians work in collaboration with the school staff and administration to develop a cohesive model of care for each child.

Child Therapist
Why a School-Based Program?

By providing services within the school environment, students have easier access to behavioral health providers. Services can be coordinated between the therapist and school supports while maintaining appropriate confidentiality.

What services are provided?

Services begin with an Assessment to determine the student's needs. Psychotherapy is effective in treating most mental health conditions. The therapist may provide these services at the school. Parents are involved in the treatment process and often asked to join sessions or meet with the therapist alone via in person or telehealth. If psychiatric medications are indicated, the therapist may refer the student for specialty care or collaborate with the student's pediatrician. The therapist may also recommend services in the community to address other specific needs.

What does Therapy look like?

We offer child centered, developmentally appropriate, play therapy. You might hear a doctor tell you that your child needs CBT, which is cognitive behavioral therapy. This can be incorporated into play therapy and your child’s therapist will determine the need to utilize that particular intervention. Your child’s therapist will get them from class, meet with them for 30-50 minutes once or twice a week (depending on need) and take them back to class. You have the ability to meet with your child’s therapist in person or via video conference to check in and learn how to best support your child. Your clinician might also meet with your child’s guide in order to give them tools to best support your child. Confidentiality is important for building trust in our relationship, and nothing will be shared with the school without permission. 

What is the difference between a School Counselor and a School-Based Therapist?

School Counselors focus on student academic success, developing student academic program plans, counseling students regarding challenges related to attendance or school participation, collaborating with school personnel to promote student success, and analyzing/interpreting information related to academic engagement.

School-Based Therapists focus on addressing mental health. These include conditions such as depression, anxiety, grief and/or attention issues. Many times with children behavioral issues are giving us a clue to something else going on for the child. Without a School-Based Therapist, these services are referred out to providers in the community. 

Starting service

A student may be referred by the school or parent. Submit our School-based Services Referral Form (provided by the school)  to initiate care. 

Our first appointments are always parent only, if we need to bring in the child we may do so for 15-20 minutes. We use a program called Simple Practice where you will be emailed intake paperwork. A student who is 14 years of age or older may consent to treatment on their own without parent knowledge.

For more info about School-Based services:

Contact the Program Director, Sarah Manlupig, LPC by email

Virtual Visits and Patient Portal

Virtual visits occur over the internet in the comfort and safety of your own home. You can access the program with a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Eastside utilizes a HIPAA-compliant, secure application to conduct sessions over the internet, you can connect to your clinician via our client portal.

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