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Photo of Dani Drake
Dani Drake, MA, MFT  Associate


Available to clients 12 to 30 years old, at our Powell & Main locations in person or virtually

About Dani

I work with tweens, teens, young adults, and parents of children struggling with mental health or identity development. 


I center my clients’ individual therapy goals while building capacity for connection, compassion, and communication. My therapeutic approach is holistic, systemic, trauma-informed, and attachment-based. I strive to build trust and safety with each client and family. I know that healing and growth are possible even under some of the hardest circumstances, and I am honored to participate in that process alongside my clients. 


I tend to be a good fit for folks who are exploring their sexual and/or gender identities, folks with LGBTQIA and or trans/non binary identities, adolescents experiencing suicidal thoughts or urges, adolescents who struggle with self-harm, neurodivergent folks, people with “big feelings” who are “too sensitive” or feel like they are “too much.” Parents who want to better connect with or understand their children, parents who feel overwhelmed by their children’s mental health or identity struggles, Parents who struggle with guilt or feeling “not good enough.” Poor and working class families, families that have been misunderstood or harmed by systems, families and with high levels of conflict. 


Whether you recognize yourself or your child in the above list or not, I am happy to speak with you on the phone to explore working together towards the healing and growth you desir

Dani is currently able to see clients with OHP/Care Oregon insurance. Dani also accepts private pay; offering a 25% discount for same day payment as well as a sliding scale for all other clients.

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