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Photo of Carly Field
Carly Field, MA, MFT Associate


Available to clients ages 8-30, virtually as well as in person at Glenfair Elementary.

About Carly

I feel passionately about people getting the help they need when life gets tricky. Ever since middle school I’ve had compassion for kids who are hurting.


I am a dedicated MFT Associate with a strong foundation in Psychology and Women's Studies from Brandeis University, complemented by a Master's in Counseling Psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley. With over a decade of hands-on experience working with children and a specialization in supporting neurodivergent and queer/questioning adolescents, I bring a unique blend of academic knowledge and practical expertise to my practice.


My therapeutic approach is rooted in a client-centered and narrative framework, emphasizing the importance of individual experiences and personal narratives. I am particularly adept at utilizing Internal Family Systems Therapy to guide clients through their journey of self-discovery and healing.


Passionate about creating a safe and inclusive space for clients, I am committed to fostering a supportive environment for neurodivergent and LGBTQ+ individuals. My goal is to empower clients to navigate life's challenges, promoting resilience, self-acceptance, and positive mental health.

Carly is currently able to see clients with OHP/Care Oregon insurance. Carly also accepts private pay; offering a 25% discount for same day payment as well as a sliding scale for all other clients.

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