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Eastside Child and Family Therapy is a counseling group practice in Gresham, Oregon serving our local community as well as our extended Oregon community. Our hybrid approach allows us to remove barriers of access to therapy by offering in person, tele-health, & school based options. We work with parents, caregivers, children, teens & young adults. We focus on the family at the center and work together to attain the balance and peace they're looking for. We begin with your vision and your family values, we work together to find a cohesive plan that works! Every family is different, our approach is not one size fits all. We value your time and worldview. Our goal is to work alongside your family in order for you to attain a more calm and harmonious home. We welcome and are inclusive of all kinds of families. We believe that every family deserves support and there is no right way to parent or create a family. We offer a supportive and non-judgemental space regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, relationship status, religion, or culture.

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Reaching your Goals

We are motivated to help families and individuals reach their full potential through a Strengths-Based and Trauma-informed approach that utilizes Family Systems, Collaborative Problem Solving, Child Centered Play Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. We believe that humans will do well if they can. Our expertise in providing expressive therapies allows children to communicate naturally and freely, in an environment designed to meet their needs. We meet parents, caregivers and individuals where they are, supporting them to make the changes they hope for as well as supporting the whole family. We are passionate about providing children, teens & young adults with coping skills to manage emotions as well as parents and caregivers the tools to support their children through emotional regulation. Our eclectic approach aids the family and individual in finding the balance they are looking for.

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I regard (parenting/caregiving) as the hardest, most complicated, anxiety-ridden, sweat-and-blood-producing job in the world. Succeeding requires the ultimate in patience, common sense, commitment, humor, tact, love, wisdom, awareness, and knowledge. At the same time, it holds the possibility for the most rewarding, joyous experience of a lifetime, namely, that of being successful guides to a new and unique human being.

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